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Spring is here and with Spring arriving I find myself in deep contemplation about the status of my blog. I am not happy with the current status/focus of my blog. It no longer feels like the right path for me. Thus, in the near future (or far depending upon circumstance) I am going to be making a change….as soon as I decide on the course of action, that is… Whether this blog will remain open or whether I will be shutting it down to open another one that is more my style, etc I do not know but once I do I will share my findings/decisions with you, my faithful audience. I thank you for reading my posts and I hope that you’ll continue to follow me as my blog changes and grows.

Marryann :)

Lost That Loving Feeling

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I seem to have lost that loving feeling and passion for blogging.  It is something that I have been struggling with since January.  I know that this lack of passion is not permanent.  It is just frustrating.  I am blaming this change in attitude towards blogging on Winter and the Winter Blues (not SADS per say).  I find that I have been suffering from Cabin Fever and the ability to get passionate about anything has been lacking with the crappy Winter weather.  Hopefully now that the sun and Spring are out and the snow is melting my passion will return.  Keeping my fingers crossed as I really do like blogging.  I suppose only time will tell.

Winter, You Can Kiss My Butt

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Whether you are a Winter lover or a Winter hater, we are all at that point in our lives where we find ourselves uttering the words: ‘Winter, you can kiss my butt’.

For myself, Winter 2011-2012 has been one big pain in the bum.  It has been anything but a normal Winter in the small town of Eastern Ontario, where I live.  Yes we have had our fair share of snow but everything else about this Winter has been ‘off’.  For the last couple Winters we went through 1 bag of salt a year.  However, this Winter, in January 2012 we went through 3 bags of salt alone.  Why the drastic increase in salt, you ask?  Well, unlike the last couple Winters, this Winter has seen an increase in freezing rain.  If you have never experienced freezing rain, consider yourself blessed and lucky.  Freezing rain is where it rains but the ground is so cold that the rain freezes on impact leaving a sheen of ice.  While it is pretty to look at as the light bounces off of the ice, it is very dangerous for both pedestrians and drivers.

Not only has there been an increase in freezing rain this year as compared to other years, but there has also been an increase of the freeze/thaw pattern that usually occurs at the end of Winter…but this one has happened in the middle of Winter.  As a result, there have been several ‘nice’ days where the high is usually hovering around 0 – +2C when it should be around -10C or so.  Yes, I am aware that I should not be complaining about the warmer than seasonal weather but this results in complacency as we get used to the nicer weather then are disappointed with more normal Winter temperatures (and we have had several ‘normal’ -20C and below days).  Likewise, this freeze-thaw increase/decrease temperature pattern has resulted in an increase in illnesses (or so it would appear) that are or were going around and lets face it, no one likes being sick, especially during Winter when colds and flus tend to last longer than average.

However, the biggest gripe I have with Winter at this point and the biggest reason I am not-so-silently praying for Spring to arrive is that I am absolutely sick and tired of the snow-pants game.  All you parents (and teachers, daycare providers) know exactly what I am talking about, at least twice a day, we find ourselves ‘fighting’ (arguing, cajoling, etc) with our children (and in my case, my daycare charges) to get them into their snow-pants and snow-pants paraphernalia.  If your children are anything like Jr and my charges, this is a constant battle of ‘put this on now’, ‘put that on’, ‘no not that’, ‘hurry up, we have to go’ and the ever famous ‘why did you not tell me before we got you into your snow-pants, etc, that you had to go pee/poo (or peed/pooed your pants)’.   So what should take a grand total of 5 minutes (or under) to get ready to go out now takes about 20 and can be very very frustrating and taxing to all (especially the adults) involved. 

So it is for these reasons, and more, that I say ‘Winter, you can kiss my butt’ and ‘come on Spring’.



A Quick Post – Spam Comments

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Wow! My blog must have suddenly reached a new level of ‘fame’ (and I use that word lightly) as I am starting to get more and more spam comments. While it is a bit annoying, I find it highly entertaining…now to wait for the comments trying to sell me Viagra or telling me to enlarge certain organs which I do not have.
Thank god that not only are majority of these spam comments caught by my spam filter but that the rest wait for me to ‘trash’ them in my comments for approval box. Could you imagine though, if they slipped through…whoops, LOL. :)

Happy Reading,

Marryann :)


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It has been a busy couple weeks with my home daycare and life in general. I am hoping to get a new post up soon…just as soon as I find my energy that I have misplaced. :)
Till then, feel free to check out my previous posts.